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No resolution needed: How to Redefine Success After Ditching Dieting

Living a diet-free life means no longer measuring success (or self-worth!) by the number on the scale or the circumference of your waist. Research shows us that weight is not a determinant of health – in fact, weight cycling can be detrimental to health – so cultivating a new path is not only beneficial for your well-being, but integral to cultivating a thriving, diet-free lifestyle.  Developing goals, and creating sustainable habits to support these goals, result in wellness wins without the scale!

The Basics: When creating wellness goals this year, focus on ones that will empower you, and strengthen your resolve, to respect your body.  

Success in wellness is defined by more than physical health alone.  Imagine a bicycle wheel where the spokes are evenly spaced, each one representing a piece of wellness: Physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, emotional, social, and occupational.  If the spokes are disproportionately spaced, or one is missing from the wheel, it weakens the integrity of the bicycle. When redefining success, include goals that will support or strengthen one or more of your wellness spokes.

Not sure where to start?  Here are sample benchmarks that you can include in your wellness goals for a diet-free lifestyle full of wellness wins:

Food & Nutrition:

  • Honor hunger and fullness cues.
  • Eat foods that were once forbidden while dieting.
  • No longer count calories, points, or macros.
  • Ditch the scale (or host a scale smashing party!)

Exercise, Fitness & Joyful Movement:

  • Increase overall energy and mood from exercise.
  • Feel strong most days
  • Increase endurance by participating in activities that you enjoy.
  • Develop more flexibility and mobility in your body (if accessible to you).
  • Try new forms of joyful movement
  • Take a break or rest from exercise when your body needs it.


  • Stay present and engaged most of the time.
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing.

Body Satisfaction:

  • Wear clothing you like and that is comfortable.
  • Feel confident most days
  • No longer care what others may think of you.

When creating wellness goals this year, focus on ones that will empower you, and strengthen your resolve, to respect your body.  Start small and practice often; the greatest successes in life start with one small step. Cultivating new habits that support your health is just like learning to ride a bicycle; once you learn, you won’t soon forget!

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